All you should know about reckless driving in Virginia

Reckless driving is considered as a major traffic violation in Virginia and it is dealt with seriously by the law enforcement bodies. Virginia law considers reckless driving as a criminal offense hence it is important to take the reckless driving ticket seriously. This article will help you in understanding the reckless driving in Virginia penalty and you save yourself from facing these heavy penalties.

It is important to understand the difference between reckless driving and over speeding ticket. If you have been pulled over by a traffic police officer for a ticket, the first thing you should do is politely ask him the reason behind this ticket. We often think we have been charged with a speeding ticket which will cost us few dollars, however we end up paying heavy fine as reckless driving in Virginia penalty. Even if you do not reside in Virginia, the police officer of Virginia has a legal right to hand you a reckless driving ticket.

What is reckless driving ticket?

Reckless driving is a more serious and punishable traffic violation, which is considered as a criminal offense in Virginia. It is stated in the Virginia Law code 46.2 – 852 that if a person is driving at a speed of 20MPH or more than the stated speed limit, he/she will be subjected to reckless driving ticket in Virginia. The code even includes the individuals who are driving at 80MPH irrespective of the speed limit.

A Few other careless driving acts which can lead you to pay for reckless driving in Virginia penalty are:

  1. Racing
  2. Driving carelessly
  3. Not paying attention on the road while driving
  4. Not maintain the speed of your vehicle according to the traffic condition
  5. Damaging any personal or public properly
  6. Causing any damage to any living thing
  7. Carelessly passing by another vehicle
  8. Drag racing on the roads.

How much do I have to pay as reckless driving in Virginia penalty?

Reckless driving may sound similar to over speeding, however a reckless driving ticket may not always lead you to heavy fine but it can cause much troubles for you. The common penalties for reckless driving in Virginia are:

  1. Heavy fines with court fees
  2. Getting negative points for reckless driving on your driving record
  3. Suspension of driving license
  4. Imprisonment

Although all the reckless driving in Virginia penalty varies from case to case, but the person charged with the tickets is usually facing class 1 misdemeanor. The class one misdemeanor penalties include:

  1. Heavy fines up to $2500
  2. And/or it can lead the person to imprisonment for maximum 12 months period.
  3. And/or state can even suspend the driver’s license for maximum six months period.

How can I fight a reckless driving case in Virginia?

If you are charged with a reckless driving ticket, the first step is to know why you are charged for the ticket so that you can at least prepare for the hearing. You can even note down the details for the incidents before the hearing so that you can discuss it with your attorney. An experienced attorney can guide you through the court procedures and help you in waiving your charges.

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