Class 5 Felony VA Punishment

There are three basic forms of crimes in Virginia, which are labelled as felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Each crime has a unique amount of legal conviction. Felonies are recognized as the most serious crimes, which involves rape, murder, theft, drug abuse, sexual battery, etc. They carry most severe punishments, unlike those of infractions or misdemeanors.

In Virginia, felonies are categorized into six types of classes. Each class encompasses a certain range of punishment. As regards Class 5 felonies, it includes domestic violence, possession of the drug, the illicit killing of animal, and extortion. Though Class 5 VA punishment is least severe, it also has negative repercussions on a person’s life. Those offenders who fall under this class of felony suffer from as much as 10 years of jail sentence and a monetary penalty of up to $2,500. After all, the court decides minimum or a maximum number of jail term. Therefore, it is essential to know about class felonies and the punishments come under them.

If a person has committed a crime, which is associated with Class 5 VA punishment, he either will be issued arrest warrants from police authorities or is summoned directly by the court. Generally, an accused has to go through several legal procedures before the court’s verdict. During court trials, an accused is unaware of how his case is being investigated. Because investigating authorities consider cases of criminal nature as of serious concern, many innocents also fall a prey to court convictions. As a result, they are affected by mental and physical humiliation. They also get deprived of taking advantage of some of the public rights. Their driving license is cancelled and they are restricted from travelling outside their country. Fortunately, the court has authorized the persons to resort to a fair jury trial in case of a Class 5 VA punishment.

If an individual has breached state laws or met up one of the Class 5 felonies, it becomes troublesome for him to independently face court trials and defend his case before the jury. On the other hand, the prosecutor seems belligerent to prove indictments against a person. Ultimately, the person faces a backlash from his friends and families. In this situation, he needs to have someone by his side who realizes his innocence and supports him in his case in order to remove. Therefore, support of an honest and dedicated lawyer is necessary.

Numerous criminal lawyers in the state have a successful winning record in defending their clients. You are suggested to hire a professional lawyer in case you are likely to suffer Class 5 VA punishment. The lawyer will analyze your case and gather every possible evidence for your defense. He is capable to understand what sort of preparation the prosecutor has done and how he could be countered during court hearings. They are conscious of the fact that punishments of felonies can bring negative effect to the life of their clients. That is why assistance of a defense lawyer is necessary who knows how to protect your rights and freedom while you are contending with Class 5 VA punishment.

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