Domestic Violence Lawyers in Northern Virginia

According to Virginia Law, domestic violence is any attempt for causing impairment to a family member or other member of the family. Besides, threats and risks are also categorized as types of domestic violence in Northern Virginia, even if no one is injured as a result. Domestic violence is a very intricate law area where counsel and advice of an experienced and proficient Virginia family lawyer and divorce attorney will be imperative. Regardless of the situation, there is never an excuse for domestic violence. If you or your family members are dealing with such matters please contact SRIS Law Group for concerned and experienced legal direction.

Domestic violence can occur at any point within any relationship. If it occurs after the end of relationship, it can take forms including harassment, property destruction, and violation of protective order, battery and malicious wounding. Northern Virginia adopts are very broad definition of what it means to a family member via Code 16.1-228.

SRIS Law Group has attorneys in family law in northern Virginia and can assist you in cases of domestic violence.

Impacts of Domestic Violence

In Northern Virginia, domestic violence is measured as a Class I offense. People convicted of such a misconduct remain in jail for a year and might be essential to pay more than $2,500 in fines. This does not include the costs of court and other expenditures. Charges of domestic violence can rise from different situation which includes violation of protective order by illegally contacting the person, going to prohibited places, or any other type of suspected family abuse. The police offer only needs a proof of crime in order to capture the charged person with domestic violence. A domestic violence charge of any kind can have negative impacts on your life and reputation for ages to come. These charges remain on the person’s criminal records for lifetime and it is very challenging to have charged erased once a sentence has occurred.

Criminal Protection for Charges against Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge should not be taken carelessly based on the possible consequence it may have on a person’s life. If you are facing such a situation and have been arrested and charged with domestic violence you need to appoint a knowledgeable and devoted Northern Virginia domestic violence lawyer. The SRIS Law Group have skilled and experienced attorney in criminal defense law who can help you defend your right. We also have understanding in managing charges, initial hearings, conquest motions, panel trials and post-trial proceedings in Virginia and the Maryland.

Northern Virginia takes the charges of domestic violence very extremely. So if you want to eliminate the impacts of charges on your lifetime, liberty and relations you need a capable criminal defense lawyer to handle these matters. The SRIS Law Group’s domestic violence lawyers are committed to provide dedicated lawful representation to people fronting domestic violence charges in Northern Virginia.

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