Homicide Laws in Loudoun Virginia

Homicide laws in Loudoun Virginia are applied for felonies and the examples of felonies are murder in first or second degree, and voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. All of these felonies except manslaughter fall under Chapter 4 crimes described by Title 18.2.

Section 18.2-31 for Capital Murder

The capital murder comes under class 1 felony, and encompass of the capital murder is under some circumstances, which are considered as one of the heinous felonies in Loudoun Virginia. The Section 18.2-31 of chapter 4 crimes have described 15 conditions for an offense to be graded as capital murder. Any person found guilty of Class 1 felony capital murder and is not mentally retarded or younger than age group of 18 years must face felony conviction according to Homicide laws in Loudoun Virginia and can be fined up to $100,000 and life imprisonment as described in the Section 18.2-10(a).

Murder in 1st and 2nd Degrees

The 1st-degree murder are class 2 felony and this describes those type of murder, which does not come under capital murder, for instance, premeditated killing, deliberate killing, or murder during rape. The difference between the capital murder and this type of murder is that the murder in 1st degree are not always associated with intention of killing. The second-degree murders are those murders, which cannot be characterized as capital or 1st-degree murder. According to Homicide laws in Loudoun Virginia, Section 18.2-32, the individual who is guilty of 1st-degree murder usually face 20 years prison and up to $100,000 fine.

Murder of a Pregnant Woman

Any individual who is found guilty of the murder of any pregnant woman with or without deliberate reason and premeditation is punished by Section 18.2-32.1 for 10-40 years.


In Loudoun Virginia, involuntary and voluntary manslaughters are considered as common law offenses and are not defined in statutes. However, both of these are punished under the Sections 18.2-35; 18.2-36 as Class 5 felonies. Homicide laws in Loudoun Virginia can be applied for involuntary and voluntary manslaughter and according to the law, the voluntary manslaughter are an intentional homicide, which occurs due to sudden mutual combat. On the other hand, involuntary manslaughter is described as the unintentional murder of a person. The implementation of homicide laws is to differentiate between involuntary and voluntary manslaughter. Section 18.2-36.1(A) presents the condition for the involuntary manslaughter. Both of these manslaughter are marked under Class 5 felonies and the offender can face penalties of imprisonment for 1-10 years and fine up to $2,500.

Felony Homicide

Felony homicide are some other murder charges except those described above and this describe the felony where the person was committing some other felony but accidentally killed someone. Section 18.2-33 describes felony homicide as the second-degree murder and therefore the same penalty is implemented.

Attempted Murder

Homicide laws in Loudoun Virginia cover the offense of attempting felony by separate sections from theĀ  penalties for attempting different felonies. If any person is found to be guilty to attempt the capital murder, the person is considered to be guilty of class 2 felony and can face conviction for 20 years imprisonment and in some cases, fine up to $100,000.

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