Knowing about Statutory Rape Laws in Maryland

It is shocking to know that one in eight women almost falls as a victim of rape. Statutory rape laws in Maryland should be should severe and strict to stop the increasing number of rape victims. Many people avoid discussions regarding the topic of rape and other forms of statutory rape and sexual assault. These topics can sometimes be considered taboo in the society due to the fact that people feel insecure about the subject matter or think differently about it. More importantly, it is necessary to discuss about the statutory rape laws in Maryland and make them strong for the victims as well as for the people who may become victims from it. Rape is often described as an event or an occurrence in which a women, girl or any other person is forcibly raped without his or her consent or willingness. Such an incident is caused by the use of force, threat or even intimidation. The rape may even involve sexual penetration in the victim’s vaginal area, mouth or rectum.

The facts mentioned above about rape can be a very conservative definition, however to meet the legal requirements or fully adherent to the statutory rape laws in Maryland, it is important to consider all forms of forcible rape conditions in all jurisdiction of Maryland which also includes anal penetration. It could also include the time in which a women was a child, when she encountered a forcible rape incident. Sometimes it is not clear that there are many other forms of sexual assault or forcible rape. These occur frequently and causes a bad impact on the women who has been a victim and the minor children who experience it.

Other Types of Rape

Attempted forcible rape is legally defined as an attempt to commit forcible rape. The penalty for an attempted forcible rape is equal to that if the attempt was successful or unsuccessful. Another type of rape is the statutory rape. Statutory rape laws in Maryland states that this offense is when a perpetrator commits any type of non-forcible sexual act with a underaged child. Under the statutory rape laws in Maryland, statutory rape also include any type of sexual penetration such as anal, oral or vaginal. It also includes any penetration of the vaginal area by hands, objects or fingers.

Another rape form is when a perpetrator engages in a sexual act with an unwilling victim who is either unconscious or intoxicated. This usually happens if the victim is drugged or intoxicated with alcohol to a point that his or her ability to control their conduct is substantially impaired or they can not physically do something to avoid the rape. If the age of the victim is fifteen or below, then the statutory rape laws in Maryland may want to treat this rape as an aggravated sexual abuse. It can sometimes be referred to as a drug or alcohol facilitated or induced rape.

Statutory rape laws in Maryland also state that if an individual is deemed, thought, considered or believed to be incapable of giving consent or he or she is less than fourteen years of age and the defendant is at least four years older than the victim then it would be a statutory rape offense. It would also be considered as a felony with a penalty of life imprisonment, which not to exceed life without bail

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