Before knowing about the consequences of reckless driving, it is important to know what is reckless driving. Reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Virginia. A person who gets involved in an accident or speeds a little too fast over the prescribed speed limit can be charged with a misdemeanor. There are many different types of reckless driving in the state of Virginia. To understand reckless driving and its consequences, you need to first start with the ticket itself. The ‘Ticket’ is a piece of paper, which you receive from a police officer if you are charged with a speeding violation.

There are fourteen types of reckless driving offenses, which you can be charged with, but they do not all make you turn up in the court of law. Most reckless driving offenses are solely for speed. As far as reckless driving is concerned, it carries a number of possible punishments and even serious long-term consequences. The most common types of punishments are in the form of a fine or license suspension. These types of punishments include:

  • A jail time of up to a total number of 12 months
  • Your driving license suspension up to a period of 6 months
  • A fine up to an amount of $2500

Reckless Driving Punishments

The specific consequence of your punishment may vary purely on the basis of your case, which can depend upon your driving record history and the local judge who would hear your case. These possible consequences and punishments include:

Jail Time

Absolutely. Jail time is definitely a consequence of reckless driving. However, most people don’t just go to jail for their reckless driving, not until you drive at least 95 mph or 100 mph. It also entirely depends on the judge and many other factors as well. Reckless driving is certainly serious but not stressful enough without having attorneys scaring you to hire them. Some areas of Virginia do use 90 mph as a jail threshold but you have to understand that every speed violation is different from another, depending on the case and the scenario.

License Suspension

After jail time, comes license suspension. Most people are concerned about losing their driving license permanently. The reason is simple, it’s hard and frustrating to get around places without being able to drive. License suspension is similar to jail time but it does not happen in any average reckless driving circumstance. It happens with very high-speed case. Some reckless driving cases can have even make the judge suspend and restrict your driver’s license. Then you would only have the permission to drive for specific purposes, such as going to your office, going to your school, visiting the doctor or taking your children to the school. However, a restricted license would not give you the permission to drive whenever you want to.

A Fine Charge

Just like jail and license suspension, a specific fine can be charged, which also depends upon a variety of factors. The maximum fine of $2500, is not always applied, on an average, the reckless driving fine can range from $300 to $1000, depending upon the reckless driving offense. Then if you add on court costs and charges, it adds up to about another $80.


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