Is It Legal to Turn Right on Red in Virginia?

How to Follow the Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings in Virginia?

The law in Virginia for a right on a red light is defined in the provision as:

“Notwithstanding the provisions of § 46.2-833, except where signs are placed prohibiting turns on steady red, vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal, after coming to a full stop, may cautiously enter the intersection and make a right turn”.

Obeying the traffic signal rules apply to everyone including the drivers, pedestrians, bike riders, bicyclists and moped riders. While it is mandatory to stop at a red light at any state in the US or drivers are obligated to stop before entering an intersection or before reaching a crosswalk. Turns are not allowed on some roads.

Turning Right on Red in Virginia

While driving in Virginia you may turn right while the traffic displays a red light but before making the right turn its mandatory to come to a complete stop, before turning look both ways  and yield the right of way to pedestrians and other traffic. You must make sure that you check for less visible vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.

According to the 2006 Code of Virginia § 46.2-846 The required position and the methods employed for turning at intersections states that driver is required to approach for a  right turn on a red, if a turn is to be made, it is necessary for the driver to be close to the right curb. The driver must make the turn very carefully. It is mandatory for the driver to be situated towards the edge of the roadway. Drivers are allowed to take right turns except in areas where turning right is not allowed.

Left turns on two-way roadways are allowed in Virginia an intersection where traffic is legalized to transfer in both directions on a single roadway entering the intersection. Approaching for a left turn must be made from the right half of the road. The driver must be as close as possible to the roadway and the center line where the traffic enters the intersection. The left cut must be made in such a way that the right of the central lane of the road is cleared for other traffic. Whenever practicable, the left turn shall be made to the left of the center of the intersection.

It is important for the drivers to obey the traffic rules and be aware that several devices for traffic monitoring and regulations must be placed within or head-to-head to the intersection. It helps direct a different course for the traffic as specified in the section. To avoid heft fines and penalties you must be aware of the charges of making a wrong right turn on a red light. To understand the penalties and fines of taking a wrong right turn in Virginia, you must consult with an experienced lawyer who will be able to explain everything there it to learn about traffic rules and other matters.

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