Prince William County Reckless Driving

Many of us think that the criminal acts in Prince William County involved in driving include driving while intoxicated, hitting and passing by, driving with drugs, etc. however, this does not case! There are other offenses too which are associated with driving and which we usually don’t perceive as crimes. Yes, now you got it! We are talking about Prince William County reckless driving behavior for which you can be charged either heavily or minimally.

Definition of Reckless Driving

Before proceeding to further sections, you must know the legal definition of Prince William County reckless driving. According to Virginia Code Section, 46.2- 852 mentions that “a person who drives any kind of motor vehicle on any highway or roadway with a careless, reckless or inappropriate behavior that can endanger or harm the well-being, property or life of a person is considered as reckless driving act.”

Examples of Reckless Driving in Prince William

The examples of reckless driving are also stated in the Prince William County reckless driving laws, which are described below;

  • Speeding over 80 mph on the highways
  • Speeding over 20 mph on the roadways where the legal speed limit is less than 20 mph.
  • Taking an inappropriate or careless turn on a blind curve
  • Overtaking a loaded vehicle or school bus with full speed
  • Driving a vehicle having failed or improper brakes
  • Racing
  • Aggressive driving
  • Switching lanes without indicating and quickly
  • Inappropriate parking at a wrong side of the lane

These are the driving mistakes that could result from usual distraction, sleep loss while returning from the workplace, listening or talking to passengers sitting in the vehicle, getting late from a certain destination, running through mental stress or any other type of lack of concentration on driving. However, some practices also come under the definition of reckless driving that is not due to lack of concentration or being late like;

  • Applying makeup while driving
  • Using mobile phones for calls or messaging while driving
  • Capturing, pics, selfies or videos while driving

Involving in sexual acts performed on the driver or by the driver while driving a vehicle.

We can easily give reasons of our reckless driving like I was getting late, I was feeling sleepy, etc. but if it results in serious life damage of anyone, then our reasons are meaningless and could never recover the loss of the affected person. That’s why Prince William County reckless driving laws are significant to prevent life-threatening or endangering driving acts or behavior and poses penalties on the offenders.

Reckless driving offenders are considered as Class 1 misdemeanor in Prince William County reckless driving Virginia Code. The punishment can either be fine, or imprisonment or license suspension and sometimes all of them are charged, i.e., according to the severity of the case and driving record of the offender. The amount of fine is up to $2,500 while the period of jail range from one to twelve months.

The suspended license is usually replaced with a restricted license that is given to the offender till the recovery of the original license. Restricted license allows the offender to drive only to the schools, workplace, physician’s appointment or any other important commitment.

For more legal information about the Prince William County reckless driving laws, charges, fines, and penalties, it is wise to consult any Prince William County reckless driving lawyer who can assist and guide you while defending your reckless driving case.

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