Sexual Battery Virginia

The crime of sexual battery Virginia also refers as the sexual assault or specific non-rape sexual interaction. It is considered as very offensive and aggressive act that comes with serious consequences. Sexual Battery Virginia is undertaken by VA Code 18.2 – 67.4 and acquires any action or attempt of sexual abuse defined In 18.2 – 67.10. Additionally, it should not be ignored that sexual battery is typically a Class 1 misdemeanor and involve imprisonment between 6 to 12 months as well as fine up to $2,500. Though, in some of the serious cases, the convicted can be punishable in a combination of both imprisonment and charge. In Virginia, touching or brushing against somebody’s body or unwanted patting and stroking also interpreted as sexual assault.

On a broader context, some of elements needed to be described and understood in Sexual Battery Virginia. It includes physical/sexual connection to another person, whether his or her spouse against the people’ will;

  1. Through the use of complaining individual’s physical helplessness or mental capacity;
  2. By threat, intimidation or force;
  3. Or with a child under the age of 13.

Under the legal framework of Virginia, being charged for any of the above acts is a complex and serious issue. If a person found guilty, he or she could be sentenced between five years to life time imprisonment, depending on the circumstances. While additional penalties will apply to the individual, who accused for sexual assault with a child younger than 13 years old. In this scenario, the charge could be expanded to minimum 25 years of prison.

These punishments of Sexual Battery Virginia can lead the individuals to experience lasting effects on their lives if they found guilty. In some of the legal cases, being accused means getting registered as sex offender for the rest of the life that directly influence your job, living, social circle, parenting and other sphere. In such scenario, the role of sexual attorney is critical. To get through all the charges officially, it is necessary to discuss things with a person who possesses strong knowledge about collecting and mitigating evidence. To get yourself free from accusation, you require a legal authority; showing your good and positive character to the court as well as negotiate on your behalf. The experience and the way lawyer deal in the court will result in imposing the penalties such as amount of jail, types of fines, conviction of probation, and amount of suspended jail time.

If you found getting into the crime of Sexual Battery Virginia, having an experienced sex offense attorney can be significant and crucial in understanding all the possible consequences of conviction. Our talented and highly skilled lawyers can provide you constant support, assistance, and help in defending the charges available to you. At the time of accusation, you might face restrictions, but, it is also recommended that you should not submit any official statement to police without consulting your sex offense attorney. Since sexual battery crime is a complex charge in Virginia with serious penalties, therefore you are required to consult a robust defense who take the case very seriously.

Virginia Sex Crimes Lawyer

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