Solicitation Of Prostitution In Fairfax Va

Prostitution is most commonly known as the occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment, the whole subject is filled with taboo and hypocrisies and it’s not easy to define it.

Although Solicitation is defined as asking for something but here the meaning lies somewhere else, solicitation of prostitution is engaging, promoting or running a prostitution business and being directly involved in it.

Prostitution is illegal across the USA and the state of Virginia is no exception to this law, taking part in prostitution directly or indirectly meaning being a prostitute, a customer or the person running this business are all included equally.
Under the laws in Virginia, prostitution encompasses variety of acts  commonly between two people in exchange for one of the participants getting money, if a person agrees to paying the money and is involved in sexual activity he may face charges for class 1 misdemeanour. This can lead up to one year in jail and $2,500 or both

A person who engages in sexual activity with a minor could face  the charges of class 6 felony, this includes a minimum one year in jail that could also be up to five years and also a fine of $2,500

Charges of solicitation and prostitution can have serious consequences and can have repercussions that may follow a person for the rest of his life.

Many charges associated with prostitution are classified as more severe felony charges, pimping and human trafficking are the most common. By taking or detaining a person for the purpose of prostitution or illegal sexual acts or receiving money through acts of prostitution one can face class 4 felony charges.

To deal with this rising problem, the law enforcement agencies create fake ads and online content to drive people into these activities as it becomes easier to catch the culprits. The number of arrests has significantly increased by taking these measures, an ad on the Internet would provide a contact number and a place for a meetup and an undercover escort would then continue the operation.

In Virginia, the arrest would result in a permanent record, that could only be resolved through expungement, for many defendants immigration may become a huge problem because crimes of these sorts are considered very offensive and result in deportation in many cases. If the solicited prostitute is a minor then the class 1 misdemeanor status kicks into the level of class 5 or 6 felony that would not end up nicely.

While these charges are significant enough to harm one’s reputation, personal and professional life as the criminal record created is permanent but all this doesn’t account for the defame that comes with a criminal trial. If a person is confronted with such issues it is imperative to take it up with an attorney who has an extensive knowledge regarding these prostitution cases and is capable of defending the clients.

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